The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School Peer Support Program is written by the Peer Support Foundation. This Foundation is funded by the NSW Health Department, Centre for Mental Health.

The Peer Support Program is a whole school approach, which encourages children to;

  • Take responsibility for their own well being
  • Deal positively, proactively and resiliently with their life experiences
  • Be actively involved in, and supported by, their community

Students explore key concepts including sense of self, resilience, connectedness and sense of possibility.

At a school wide level, the Program aims to positively contribute to the culture. Through the program we expect improvement in student’s self-confidence, enjoyment of school, ability to maintain relationships and attitudes to bullying behaviour.

The Peers Support Program is facilitated by the Grade Six students, supported by staff. The groups are of mixed grade level, which ensures a building of community, the development of varied friendships and an understanding of the responsibilities students have towards each other.