Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School

Active After School Communities

The Australian Government's Active After-School Communities (AASC) program has now changed and become 'Sporting Schools'.  It remains a national initiative that provides primary school children, including those at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School, with access to free sport and other structured physical activity programs during school hours.

The program aims to engage traditionally inactive children, as well as already active children, in sport and other structured physical activities and through a positive and fun experience, develop a love of sport that inspires them to join a local sporting club.

At Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School we strive to provide opportunities to children to try new sports and activities, to broaden their horizons from already known and enjoyed sports to activities that are not as well known. Our children have certainly enjoyed participating in sports such as Archery, Taekwondo and Cheerleading.