Students today are learning different things, in different ways, in different places, at different times and from different people – replacing learning the same things, in the same ways, in the same places, at the same time, from the same people.

– Australian Education Review

At Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School, we recognise that Digital Technologies are an important part of our rapidly changing world.

We believe that it is essential that students gain the skills and confidence to use technology effectively to solve problems, communicate ideas and access a variety of information.

Students have access to a range of tools, including document cameras, computers, internet and email, plasma screens and iPads.  The Student Agreements for the Use of Information Communication Technology Resources, outlines the cooperative behaviour that Immaculate Heart expects of every student who uses the school resources.


Students from Kinder to Year 2 have access to school managed iPads throughout the school year.  A successful Bring Your Own iPad Device (BYOD) approach has been implemented for students from Grade 3 to Grade 6.  Students in these classes are required to have their own iPad from the beginning of the academic year.  With the BYOD scheme, parents are able to share in their child’s learning.  Since implementing the approach, there has been much positive feedback from parents and teachers regarding improved engagement, responsibility, independence, as well as quality of work and learning.

iPad Apps required for 2021

Cyber Safety

At Immaculate Heart we pride ourselves on teaching students to be Respectful and Responsible internet users, whilst maintaining good Relationships, despite being behind the screen.  We encourage a working partnership between parents and school to ensure students are safe and treating others with the same respect as they would offline.

The “Think You Know” website is run by the Australian Federal Police and includes information for children and parents.  It can be followed on Facebook as a short, but informative way to keep aware of Cyber Safety issues.  Further details can be found at:

Alternatively, further parent information can be found at The Office of Children’s eSafety Commissioner