The Sisters of St Joseph established Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School in 1961. It is with this charism and tradition that the school continues today.

The first Principal of the school was Sister Veronica Dillon. The classrooms completed in 2011 have been named the ‘Dillon Building’ after the hardworking and dedicated Sister and teacher.

From its start as a small school with only 19 enrolments, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School has grown to a K-6 school community with approximately 230 students. Initially the school catered only for younger children, with students leaving the school to attend Sacred Heart College in Grade Three. As the school grew the students were able to continue their primary education within this community, with the first Grade Six class leaving in 1988.

The building of the church next to the school at this same time, cemented the school and the catholic community in the local area of Lenah Valley. The parish and school links were close and undeniable with the clear mission of serving the children and families within the area.

In 2005 Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School changed from being a systemic school, governed by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office to being governed directly by the Sisters of St Joseph and Sacred Heart College. During this time the school became known as Sacred Heart, Lenah Valley. It was a second primary campus to the evolving and growing Sacred Heart College.

For this time the school consolidated and grew in both enrolments and resources. The relationship with Sacred Heart College had always been close, however, the bonds became cemented and tangible.

It was also during this time that the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church was decommissioned. Although this was a painful loss for both the parish and school community, the school continued to thrive.

In 2012, the governance once again changed and Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School was re-established and re-joined the Tasmanian Catholic Education System. The benefits of being within this system are great and far reaching.  We also have the benefit of being an associate school to Sacred Heart College, guaranteeing entry for our Grade Six students into the secondary school.

The history of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School Community is rich, varied and certainly shows many challenging times for the students and families of the school. This history has directly impacted on the culture and attitude of the community today. The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School Community is resilient, resourceful and connected. This provides a basis for a positive future together.